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Women and Work

Although my coaching practice is skewed fairly heavily “male,” I feel privileged to work with the women I do. Their backgrounds and careers vary widely, but I find many encounter consistent issues with managing their career: negotiating as fiercely for themselves as they do for others; managing “the balance” of life/work; and imagining a more […]


Power of the Group

I’ve often marveled at the synchronicities of life—especially those seemingly random events that spring from the relationships we foster for mutual support. There is an alchemy present in these relationships—as the understanding of ourselves, each other and our opportunities together transforms into gold over the years. Much of the work that I do with clients involves […]


A Novel View on Coaching

I am a huge fan of Atul Gawande. I picked up his book Better on a whim and loved it. Complications soon followed. Gawande takes his environment (the hospital operating room) and masterfully explains how things go right (and when they go wrong) and, most importantly, how they can improve. It’s gripping. Think Malcom Gladwell […]