Executive Presence and “Power Posing”

My favorite research when I’m helping clients develop “Executive Presence” comes from Amy Cuddy (social psychologist at Harvard Business School). Amy focuses on the non-verbal aspects of presence and impression setting. Happily, the crux of her most recent research is now presented in an engaging 20 minute TED Talk, so you don’t even have to read her articles (though her work is fascinating and her life story is truly inspiring). See her TED Talk here.

Cuddy’s research is helpful for those of us who are not usually the Alphas in the room and/or are routinely dealing with social settings where someone else holds most of the power–e.g. when presenting to a large, more senior group that has evaluative role; when job interviewing; when pitching an idea to an unknown client. Even if you consider yourself a huge alpha in almost any setting, think of Prof Cuddy’s research as something you can share with those who work with or for you to help them develop their own confidence and “presence.” (I use it w/ my daughters too, but you’re on your own there…)

Watch the talk and give power posing a try for two minutes to see how it changes you.