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Who Is Your Chorus? Why Senior Executives Need Truth-tellers.

A top-ranking leader has just instituted an unpopular policy—one that, in fact, challenges the ethics of those he leads. A lone woman under his leadership questions and defies him. Eventually, everyone the leader oversees begins to distrust…

What's Possible Right Now?

The people I work with have HUGE jobs and, oftentimes, very strong family commitments and values that they want to honor with their time and presence.  With the publication of  Anne Marie Slaughter's new book and the concomitant debate it…

Three Ways to Improve Your Emotional Agility

Every day, leaders encounter a wide range of negative emotions—their own and the emotions of those they lead. Impatience. Anger. Jealousy. Uncertainty. Insecurity. Defensiveness. Frustration. The list goes on. Learning to be agile and resourceful…

Annual Round Up: Attentional Overwhelm

The second topic in this year’s roundup is “Attentional Overwhelm.” Like executive presence, almost everyone I work with has to wrestle, in some way, shape or form, with the completely overwhelming stream of requests  and information…

Annual Roundup: Executive Presence

The first theme in the 2014 Round-Up, “Executive Presence,” is not a new topic this year (in fact, I reference it even here, in my highly sporadic blog). One’s executive presence, or lack thereof, is a combination of qualities that conveys…

Annual Roundup

At the end of every year, I do a personal and professional step-back. Part of this process is hardwired, as I routinely do an “annual review” with clients and have led a half-day reflection retreat every December for the past five years.…

The Practice of Gratitude and Ronald McDonald House Charities

The past three years, I have had the great privilege of working with Ronald McDonald House Charities as a speaker at their international and national conferences. I was pretty overwhelmed with gratitude at the end of this year’s conference.…

Women and Work

Although my coaching practice is skewed fairly heavily “male,” I feel privileged to work with the women I do. Their backgrounds and careers vary widely, but I find many encounter consistent issues with managing their career: negotiating…
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