Executive Coaching Chicago

Exceptional leadership is results-oriented and relationship-driven.
So is exceptional coaching.

Working with Brooke is different.

Coaching with Brooke is not an off-the-shelf, corporate-speak, “efficient and replicable” process; it is bespoke, an experience carefully tailored to you. Your work with Brooke will feel more personal, more challenging, and more attuned to you than other development experiences you’ve had. And your results will be better. Here’s why:

Squarely Focused

Brooke specializes in challenging top executives to create a clear-sighted view of their competing priorities, internal contradictions, and most perplexing challenges. She coaches leaders to develop the internal skills necessary to effectively lead in demanding and unpredictable environments. This ignites deep and lasting change—you will be focused on getting results, but always in the context of maintaining your humanity.

Singularly Devoted

Coaching is the centerpiece of Brooke’s vocation. Brooke is not a one-stop-development-shop or someone who purports to do it all. She does not use coaching as a means to “sell-in” organization-wide initiatives. Instead, Brooke is entirely dedicated to your effectiveness, growth, and presence as an executive leader. Period.


Who you are fuels how you lead. Every element of coaching is tailored to suit your specific environment and essential character. Coaching with Brooke involves rigor, but it is an organic, not formulaic, process that builds your capacity. You will reflect and get feedback, set goals and experiment, measure your progress, and get feedback again. Beyond those basics, the coaching experience will be highly adaptive to your goals and what’s unfolding for you.

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