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Harvard Business Review

In a collaboration for HBR, Brooke and Carter Cast discussed self-destructive behaviors common in company founders, as well as awareness strategies and mitigation tactics.

In HBR’s Ascend, Brooke discussed how fiction can build young leaders’ capacity to untangle complex, yet common, leadership problems.


For CNBC’s summer reading lists, Brooke recommended 7 influential works of fiction that offer leaders fresh and diverse perspectives.

Successful leaders read differently; Brooke describes how they cultivate critical skills and creatively solve problems through reading fiction.


Writing for Entrepreneur, Brooke and her Kellogg colleague David Schonthal reflected on what Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick’s “profound apology” to his employees means for other young leaders.

The Economist

In this article on how self-awareness can improve leaders’ effectiveness, Laura Montgomery of The Economist interviewed Brooke about how leaders can discover how others perceive them.

The Washington Post

Is it OK to quit a job over text? Brooke offered her perspective in this Washington Post article.

Business Insider

Brooke prescribes five proactive steps to address “quiet quitting” and prevent it from spreading through your workplace.

Fortune Education

Brooke’s MBA course, Moral Complexity in Leadership: An Exploration, was highlighted as an innovative approach to business education using literary fiction.

Crain’s Chicago

Brooke spoke with Crain’s Kristen Schorsch about entrepreneurial communication styles.

Brooke spoke with Crain’s Brigid Sweeney on “How Female Execs Can Avoid a NY Times-style Epic Fail.”

Brooke offers advice about what to consider before switching to non-profit work.

Kellogg Publications

In response to the chaos of Covid-19 and its effects on business, Brooke offered advice to leaders: use fiction as a resource.

In “Why Leaders Should Nurture Their Social Emotional Intelligence,” Brooke discusses family business as a perfect place to prove the benefits of self-awareness, self-management, and empathy.

For those new to high level leadership, Brooke offers tips on maintaining your authenticity to excel in your new role.

Based on Brooke’s popular webinar, Insight highlighted her main points about the formula for executive presence and created a podcast.

Brooke speaks to how leaders can develop “the strength and endurance to do the right thing.”

In the most turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brooke advised leaders on how to handle the crisis to protect and preserve their companies, consumers, and communities.

In “Difficult Conversations in Family Business: When Should You Have Them, and Why?” Brooke gives guidance on tackling some of our most awkward and sensitive conversations at work…when our coworkers are also our family.

Poets & Quants

Brooke was featured as a favorite professor for a top MBA program for her commitment to helping her students understand and live by their values.

Zell Fellow Chase Michalek, whose Hilltop Health was designated as one of “Kellogg’s Hottest MBA Start-ups,” describes how Brooke’s coaching supported him as a new entrepreneur.

Chief Learning Officer Magazine

In “Process Makes Perfect: It’s All About the Details,” Chief Learning Officer Magazine’s Frank Kalman interviewed Brooke about the process of executive coaching.

Talent Economy

Brooke explains how companies can set leaders up for successful coaching.

Leadership Story Lab

In “A Perfect Match: How to Overcome Incongruence and Align Words, Actions and Emotional Presence” Leadership Story Lab’s Esther Choy interviewed Brooke about the importance of congruence to powerful leadership.

Americans for the Arts (ArtsBlog)

A discussion of essential “right brain” training for MBA students touches on the benefits of creative workshops and courses like Brooke’s Moral Complexity in Leadership.

American Bar Association (Bar Leadership Institute)

As part of the BLI’s 2020 lineup, Brooke covered leadership credibility, ease, and ego as the formula for executive presence.

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