Career Coaching

Encore Career Coaching

Who is career coaching for?

Brooke partners with individuals who, for a variety of reasons, are looking to reassess their careers. Common scenarios:

  • You have achieved the financial and career success you desired, but are left asking: “Is this it?” You were hoping for more satisfaction after grabbing that brass ring.
  • You may be beyond burned out. Though successful, your career has come at the cost of your most significant relationships or your health, and you need to design a better way to work and live.
  • You understand, through careful succession planning, that you have a few years left at the helm; you want to be ready for change when it comes and prepare those around you well.

Whatever your motivation, encore career coaching can help you refocus and plan your next moves.

How Career Coaching Works

Encore coaching is not necessarily linear. It demands patience, but is also enlivening, creative, and activity-based.

You will begin by evaluating your journey thus far, reading the events of your life like a good novel. What are the themes and motifs? Who were the heroes and villains? What key values, needs, and interests come up again and again? This work will build the foundation for what’s next.

Then, you will experiment. You will identify and test multiple identities and potential paths, all the while paying attention to your distinctive interests and what they have to teach you:

  • Collectors may spend time at the Art Institute pondering what their love for art reveals about their purpose.
  • Athletes may debrief their big race to see what it reveals about their drive.
  • Those trying to define the “good life” may read a classic novel for illumination.

The goal of these activities is to generate valuable insights to guide you into what’s next.

Brooke’s Career Clients

By listening to me, questioning me, and directing me to amazing resources, Brooke brought me to a point where I was able to talk honestly about—and, more importantly, do something about—what I needed and wanted out of my life. Today I am living a life that brings me true joy every day. I did the hard work to get here, but Brooke provided the guidance, support and information I needed along the way. She is an amazing woman and coach!

Brooke gave me the intellectual tools and sense of perspective I needed to regain my confidence and balance. Without the structure of the coaching relationship, I never would have taken the time to stop, reflect and reprioritize. Our conversations always resulted in realizations about what’s important in life, what’s not, and what I want to do differently. Brooke’s careful listening and thoughtful guidance helped me act on those epiphanies and translate them into lasting change.

Brooke’s coaching skills are innate; she is extraordinarily motivating, and often for whole days following a coaching session, I would find myself walking around smiling because I was so excited about the life I was building. Although I am a very creative thinker and great problem-solver, when working with Brooke I never ceased to be amazed at her ability to find solutions or options I hadn’t previously considered.

Brooke offers perspective and keeps in mind my overall quality of life. Her intuitive style, knowledge of resources and uncanny ability to know where I am in the process—and how to get to the next level—have enabled me to create the life I want.

I attribute my deep job satisfaction as well as several extraordinary job offers to Brooke’s expert counsel. She has provided me with tailored professional tools that, paired with my own skills, give me a solid foundation for personal and professional success.

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